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From Jack Tanner <>
Subject RE: taste-web example booboo
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2009 21:48:14 GMT

> Yeah, this has not really been re-vetted since the migration, so I am
> not surprised there are issues. We are almost there. I appreciate you
> being the guinea pig here.

My pleasure. :)

> Let me guess: if you access the raw servlet first, then try that link
> it works? That is access this first?
> http://localhost:8080/mahout-taste-webapp/RecommenderServlet?userID=1

Bingo, that works.

One more thing, but just to let you know. When I manually move the .jws to the root and repack
the .war, mvn jetty:run-war repacks the .war again, and places a second copy of the .jws in
the wrong spot. I assume that this is not clouding the results here, but just in case...

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