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From Lukáš Vlček <>
Subject Re: Welcome Jake Mannix
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 09:21:31 GMT
Jake, impressive stuff!

On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 4:22 PM, Jake Mannix <> wrote:

> Hey Grant, Mahouts,
>  I'm very happy for the opportunity to really dig in and help build this
> project towards its potential, and no longer feel as much of the guilt by
> filing a gazillion JIRA tickets which I know will fall on somebody else's
> head to review and commit. :)
>  Background, where to begin... "I was born in London...", no, wait, that's
> a bit far back.  Here we go: Originally trained in math and physics, to the
> point of being enrolled in enough PhD programs (none completed, oh well)
> that my financial counselor wonders whether I'll have my student loans paid
> off before my kids start college (current bet: 2:1 odds against).  I got
> diverted into the software world during TechBubble_1.0, where I've been
> ever
> since.  I've worked at a bunch of startups (as well as a few bigger
> companies I think are more adequately described as an "endup" in
> comparison), where I learned a bunch about IR/search and a little about
> NLP.  Now I work at LinkedIn, where I originally helped build our
> distributed real-time search engine (on top of Lucene as well as some other
> extensions we built in-house and subsequently open-sourced, such as
> the zoie<>project for the real-time search
> piece, and
> bobo-browse <> for faceting), which uses
> our social graph as a key component in search relevance.
>   Now I'm responsible for recommender systems at LinkedIn, and am building
> a generalized entity-to-entity recommendation engine platform (think: when
> you post a job on our jobs portion of the site, we recommend some profiles
> of members who would be a good match for the job [Job as Query for
> Members],
> or the reverse: jobs you might want to look at [Member as query for Jobs],
> or news articles you might like [Members as query for News], or
> personalized
> ad targeting [Member as query for Ads], or questions relevant to an
> interest
> group [Group as query for Q&A], or people like this person [Member as query
> for Members], etc... ).  This current role is what kick-started me to
> collect the bits of code I'd written over the years to do massive matrix
> computations and put them in one place - the decomposer
> project<>is where I put them, until I
> realized that matrix decompositions and
> dimensional reduction aren't really as "sexy" enough a project to actually
> get much of a community around all by themselves, so I'm currently porting
> all that code into Mahout which isn't already here (follow MAHOUT-180 for
> more details as that progresses, although now that I can assign JIRA tasks
> to myself [once my account is set up], I may break that into many more
> sub-tasks to break of more bite-sized chunks for Mahout to digest).
>  So enough blathering on.  If you want to know more about me, my LinkedIn
> profile <> has a more detailed
> professional view, Twitter has me in roughly
> 1/(fine-structure-constant-of-QED)-byte sized
> snippets<>,
> and I've got the beginnings of a blog <> as
> well, but I'm not updating that terribly much lately, because just as Sean
> is hard-at-work on a book on Mahout, I'm supposed to be spending all of my
> "authoring" time writing a book for Manning as well: "Lucene in Depth", as
> a
> kind-of follow-on / advanced topics book to go beyond Hatcher, Gospodnetic
> and McCandless' awesome Lucene in Action introductory text.
>  Looking forward to working with y'all more in the future.
>  -jake
>  p.s. For those of you in the S.F. Bay Area, LinkedIn is hiring both
> Analytics Scientists (to research ways of using our Big Data to make
> interesting new products), as well as IR and ML software engineers to work
> on our distributed platforms (including hadoop and voldemort), search
> infrastructure, and working with me on recommender systems.  Email me for
> details if you're interested in hearing more!
> On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 3:13 AM, Grant Ingersoll <>
> wrote:
> > I'm pleased to announce that the Lucene PMC has elected to grant
> committer
> > status to Jake Mannix.  Jake has been doing some really great work with
> > Mahout recently and I am sure I speak on everyone's behalf when I say I
> look
> > forward to working more with Jake on Mahout.
> >
> > Jake, it is customary in Lucene when adding a new committer that the
> > committer provide a little background on themselves, so feel free to jump
> > in!
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Grant
> >
> >
> > --------------
> > Want to be a Mahout committer?  See
> > for more
> > information.

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