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From "Patterson, Josh" <>
Subject RE: Welcome Jake Mannix
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 15:02:34 GMT
Congrats Jake!


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From: Jake Mannix [] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: Welcome Jake Mannix

Hey Grant, Mahouts,

  I'm very happy for the opportunity to really dig in and help build
project towards its potential, and no longer feel as much of the guilt
filing a gazillion JIRA tickets which I know will fall on somebody
head to review and commit. :)

  Background, where to begin... "I was born in London...", no, wait,
a bit far back.  Here we go: Originally trained in math and physics, to
point of being enrolled in enough PhD programs (none completed, oh well)
that my financial counselor wonders whether I'll have my student loans
off before my kids start college (current bet: 2:1 odds against).  I got
diverted into the software world during TechBubble_1.0, where I've been
since.  I've worked at a bunch of startups (as well as a few bigger
companies I think are more adequately described as an "endup" in
comparison), where I learned a bunch about IR/search and a little about
NLP.  Now I work at LinkedIn, where I originally helped build our
distributed real-time search engine (on top of Lucene as well as some
extensions we built in-house and subsequently open-sourced, such as
the zoie<>project for the real-time search
piece, and
bobo-browse <> for faceting), which
our social graph as a key component in search relevance.

   Now I'm responsible for recommender systems at LinkedIn, and am
a generalized entity-to-entity recommendation engine platform (think:
you post a job on our jobs portion of the site, we recommend some
of members who would be a good match for the job [Job as Query for
or the reverse: jobs you might want to look at [Member as query for
or news articles you might like [Members as query for News], or
ad targeting [Member as query for Ads], or questions relevant to an
group [Group as query for Q&A], or people like this person [Member as
for Members], etc... ).  This current role is what kick-started me to
collect the bits of code I'd written over the years to do massive matrix
computations and put them in one place - the decomposer
project<>is where I put them, until I
realized that matrix decompositions and
dimensional reduction aren't really as "sexy" enough a project to
get much of a community around all by themselves, so I'm currently
all that code into Mahout which isn't already here (follow MAHOUT-180
more details as that progresses, although now that I can assign JIRA
to myself [once my account is set up], I may break that into many more
sub-tasks to break of more bite-sized chunks for Mahout to digest).

  So enough blathering on.  If you want to know more about me, my
profile <> has a more detailed
professional view, Twitter has me in roughly
1/(fine-structure-constant-of-QED)-byte sized
and I've got the beginnings of a blog <>
well, but I'm not updating that terribly much lately, because just as
is hard-at-work on a book on Mahout, I'm supposed to be spending all of
"authoring" time writing a book for Manning as well: "Lucene in Depth",
as a
kind-of follow-on / advanced topics book to go beyond Hatcher,
and McCandless' awesome Lucene in Action introductory text.

  Looking forward to working with y'all more in the future.


  p.s. For those of you in the S.F. Bay Area, LinkedIn is hiring both
Analytics Scientists (to research ways of using our Big Data to make
interesting new products), as well as IR and ML software engineers to
on our distributed platforms (including hadoop and voldemort), search
infrastructure, and working with me on recommender systems.  Email me
details if you're interested in hearing more!

On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 3:13 AM, Grant Ingersoll <>

> I'm pleased to announce that the Lucene PMC has elected to grant
> status to Jake Mannix.  Jake has been doing some really great work
> Mahout recently and I am sure I speak on everyone's behalf when I say
I look
> forward to working more with Jake on Mahout.
> Jake, it is customary in Lucene when adding a new committer that the
> committer provide a little background on themselves, so feel free to
> in!
> Cheers,
> Grant
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> Want to be a Mahout committer?  See
> for more
> information.

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