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From Tamas Jambor <>
Subject Re: new to hadoop
Date Sun, 02 May 2010 21:03:18 GMT
thanks a lot. it works with the latest version. however, it runs out of 
memory after the 2nd job. what exactly are these jobs? and how many 
should run to finish the task?
(hadoop jar 
-Dmapred.input.dir=testdata/ -Dmapred.output.dir=output)

I have a small cluster, only 5 computers, some of them does not have a 
lot of memory, but the master server should be fine. besides, I only ran 
the test with the smallest movielens data set (100k).

On 02/05/2010 20:08, Sean Owen wrote:
> It seems it cannot find Vector in the .job file, and I am not sure why
> that would be. You build from source and used the .job file in
> core/target? Should be OK.
> Nevertheless I'd suggest you use the latest from SVN instead; if there
> is some issue with 0.3 unfortunately it's hard to help since the code
> has moved on so much since then. It's easy to support what's at head
> now.

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