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From Jeff Eastman <>
Subject Re: Dirichlet ClusterDump Output
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 15:07:52 GMT
No, there is not currently a ClusterDumper test for LDA; I'm still 
trying to figure out how to integrate it under Cluster. I'd love to see 
your ideas on that!

Glad you are running again :)

On 5/5/10 2:55 AM, Delroy Cameron wrote:
> Jeff thanks a're right, i wasnt reading the clusters but merely
> instantiating DirichletCluster objects.
> with your suggestions the code works perfectly....i'll continue extending
> the code because i'm hoping to use LDA for clustering as well..i'm not sure
> that there is a TestClusterDumper for that. in any case, it may be a
> worthwhile exercise to keep getting my hands dirty a bit...
> -----
> --cheers
> Delroy

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