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From ihadanny <>
Subject Newbie questions about Mahout 228: Logistic Regression LR (SGD)
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 08:29:30 GMT

I've been trying out mahout-228: Sequential LR (using SGD).
Few things I haven't been able to figure out:

1. Is there a parallel version? Can it integrate with hadoop and do each
pass in parallel?

2. Weighting - is there support for weighted samples? E.g. I have 50
doughnuts with the same predictors and the same target color, must I feed 50
rows to OnlineLogisticRegression, isn't there a way to feed one line with a
weight of 50?

3. Is it possible to define a stop condition instead of explicitly setting
the number of passes. E.g. stop when the Fisher test reaches a certain

Thanks, and my apologies if these are really obvious 

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