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From Chris Schilling <>
Subject Libimseti Example in new eclipse project
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 18:04:17 GMT

I am working through the Libimseti example in MIA.  I created a new project in eclipse, ...
etc...  Anyway, Everything is fine except I cannot compile because I am missing a jar file
containing dependencies for the RecommenderWrapper class. The classes are in the
package in mahout.  I guess they are wrapped in the war file, however you cannot add war files
to the build path.  

Can you recommend a way around this?  Is the RecommenderWrapper necessary inside the LibimsetiRecommender
class?  Once I have the jar file containing this Libimseti class, it appears trivial to get
it up and running inside the taste web app. 

Thanks for your help

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