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From cvkkumar <>
Subject Fwd: Reg PFP Growth Algorithm
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 03:49:11 GMT


I am new to Mahout and was going through the source code of PFP Growth to understand it. I
got confused at a point before the final aggregation of results, because I could not understand
how it could avoid double counting frequent patterns from different groups.

For instance, if we consider this scenario where in 

X-Y-Z  is a branch that fall in Group No 2. (because Z is in Group 2)
X-Y is a branch that falls in Group No 1. (because Y is in Group 1)

Let all the combinations of X Y Z be frequent. 

Now, I dont understand if  X-Y would be counted as frequent patterns from both these groups.
Intuitively, from the PFP Growth paper, I thought it should be returned as a frequent pattern
only from Group 1. 

Am I correct? Is there something that I am missing. I would be grateful if someone points
it out!;

Thanks in advance!

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