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From "Robin M. E. Swezey" <>
Subject Queueing several Mahout classifier training jobs
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2010 10:55:28 GMT

I am currently using Mahout to train and test several CBayes
classifiers in 10-folds.

I launch all jobs for a 10-fold simultaneously using the mahout
trainclassifier|testclassifier command in a script. However, when
looking at the Hadoop job journal after having queued the 10 jobs, it
appears that all the Bayes Feature Driver jobs, upon completion, exit
without queueing their respective subsequent jobs (TF-Idf Driver,
Bayes Weight Summer Driver, Complementary Bayes Theta Normalizer).

This does not happen if I queue only 4 Mahout CBayes classifier
training jobs in Hadoop, the subsequent TF-Idf jobs etc are queued

Do you have any idea of the cause of this behavior? I would really
like to be able to queue as many Mahout training jobs as possible.

Best regards

Robin M. E. Swezey
Web/AI PhD Candidate
+81 (0) 90 1785 1337

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