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From Amund Tveit <>
Subject Re: Map/Reduce algorithm discussion goups?
Date Mon, 16 May 2011 12:50:03 GMT
fyi, updated the mapreduce algorithms papers overview today, new
machine learning related papers are:

*Preliminary Results on Using Matching Algorithms in Map-Reduce
Applications (2011)
*Improving the Effectiveness of Statistical Feature Selection
Algorithms Using Bag of Synsets and its Parallelization (2011)
*Tri-training and MapReduce-based massive data learning (2011)
*Parallel evolutionary approach of compaction problem using mapreduce (2011)
*COMET: A Recipe for Learning and Using Large Ensembles on Massive Data (2011)
*Parallelized K-Means clustering algorithm for self aware mobile
ad-hoc networks (2011)


Best regards,

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