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From Svetlomir Kasabov <>
Subject Re: Probabilities in Bayesian classifier
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 09:22:40 GMT
Hello Ted,

what are the main issues of the probability estimations of the logistic 
regression ? I am developing a medical application for making 
probability estimations using time series and I that's why I would know 
if they are critical for me.

Many thanks and best regards,


Am 15.06.2011 20:44, schrieb Ted Dunning:
> This is what the term Naive is used in the name.  The scores for this kind
> of algorithm are 0 to 1 or are logarithms of such a number, but are not at
> all calibrated probabilities.
> And, frankly, it is rare in practice for the output of logistic regression
> to be calibrated either.  Those outputs are much more like probabilities,
> but they still have some issues.
> On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 6:56 PM, Svetlomir Kasabov<
>>  wrote:
>> unfortunately, Mahout's Naive Bayes implemention can't calculate
>> probabilities. You are now probably really astonished - I could'nt believe
>> it too, as I read that (I think this is some kind of 'strange', since
>> Bayes's main concept is probability calculation). It's a pitty, that such a
>> great framework like Mahout has restricted the Bayesian concept that way. In
>> addition, Naive Bayes is (as far as I know) only text-oriented, you can
>> apply it only on documents . Mahout is still wonderful, though, because it
>> lets us calculate probabilities using Logistic Regression.

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