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From Isabel Drost <>
Subject Re: Request for Assistance.
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 18:35:47 GMT

First of all welcome also from my side.

On 05.10.2011 Apurv Verma wrote:
>  I am interested in becoming a contributor to Mahout.

Actually we have a "How to contribute page" on our wiki that might help you:

I guess the general take away is to start using Mahout for your own projects. As 
with any software you use sooner or later you will find stuff that bothers you: 
Missing documentation, extensions you need to make here and there, sutle bugs. 

>  But unfortunately I have not had any course in Machine Learning still. I am
>  having a course in Artificial Intelligence this semester.

While it is certainly a great help to have some machine learning background, you 
do not need a PhD to start contributing to Mahout. Any infrastructure 
improvements that do not change the inner algorithms but make it easier to 
integrate Mahout and re-use it are highly welcome.

> I am also *not* conversant with hadoop and mapreduce though I have heard of
> it and have long wanted to learn it. Can someone please guide me (mentor
> informally) so that I may get a sense and direction and I am able to
> develop the skills set required to contribute to this project within the
> next 6 months.

You have taken a very good first step by contacting the mailing list. Try to 
figure out an area that you would like to use Mahout for, start working in that 
direction, if you come across any questions that cannot be answered by a trivial 
search in the mailing list archives don't be shy to ask on list. When getting 
more proficient answer questions other new-comers may have, start reviewing 
patches and maybe even contribute your own improvements.


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