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From Dan Brickley <>
Subject Re: Get the most similar users with ItemSimilarityJob.
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2011 10:03:03 GMT
2011/10/30 Sebastian Schelter <>:
> Exactly.

Wouldn't it be useful for every single Mahout job (the sub-commands of
the bin/mahout script) to have a Wiki page to collect such gems? If
so, should they be named after the Java class, or the commandline
option? If they were named systematically then 'bin/mahout
rowsimilarity --help' etc could even point users at such a page.

The fate of the wiki isn't exactly clear, given but if folk think it
useful I'd put some time into this.


> --sebastian
> On 30.10.2011 10:56, WangRamon wrote:
>> Hi All I have a use case which is trying to find the most similarity users. So the
input data is still in format [USER_ID, ITEM_ID, PREF], I think I can use ItemSimilarityJob
in Mahout 0.6, although the name is Item Similarity, by reading the code I find if I change
the input to be [ITEM_ID, USER_ID, PREF], I should get the desired result which is the USER_ID
and its similar user's ID, am I correct? Thanks in advance.   Cheers  Ramon

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