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From Dan Brickley <>
Subject merging two matrices
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2011 16:55:49 GMT
I have a matrix of 100,000 items x 30k features; and another of those
same 100,000 items, x however-many different features (from n-gram
collocation extraction). In current app, these are library holdings
and subject codes + extracted phrases. (later these should be 14
million items by somewhat but not shockingly larger feature space, if
that is useful to know)

I'd like to compose these into a larger unified feature matrix, with
same row structure, and with feature columns drawing from both input
matrices. So far in this work I've managed to get by using bin/mahout
rather than firing up Eclipse and messing with Java; I'd be happy to
learn I can continue in this work style. But if custom code is needed
that's fine. Either way, some pointer would be much appreciated...



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