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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: How to find which point belongs which cluster after running KMeansClusterer
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 12:28:19 GMT
There is code for this, it's in two places (on trunk, at least):

1. ClusterDumper:
public static Map<Integer, List<WeightedVectorWritable>> readPoints(Path pointsPathDir,
Configuration conf) {
    Map<Integer, List<WeightedVectorWritable>> result = new TreeMap<Integer,
    for (Pair<IntWritable, WeightedVectorWritable> record :
            new SequenceFileDirIterable<IntWritable, WeightedVectorWritable>(
                    pointsPathDir, PathType.LIST, PathFilters.logsCRCFilter(), conf)) {
      // value is the cluster id as an int, key is the name/id of the
      // vector, but that doesn't matter because we only care about printing
      // it
      //String clusterId = value.toString();
      int keyValue = record.getFirst().get();
      List<WeightedVectorWritable> pointList = result.get(keyValue);
      if (pointList == null) {
        pointList = Lists.newArrayList();
        result.put(keyValue, pointList);
    return result;

2. ClusterDumperWriter:
List<WeightedVectorWritable> points = clusterIdToPoints.get(value.getId()); //look up
the points by cluster id
    if (points != null) {
      writer.write("\tWeight : [props - optional]:  Point:\n\t");
      for (Iterator<WeightedVectorWritable> iterator = points.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();
) {
        WeightedVectorWritable point =;

On Nov 3, 2011, at 5:48 AM, WangRamon wrote:

> Yes, Paritosh, it's a bit missleading for new users, I will start to check KMeansDriver,
thanks for your quickly reply.
>> Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 15:02:28 +0530
>> From:
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: How to find which point belongs which cluster after running KMeansClusterer
>> I also thought in the beginning that using KMeansClusterer and
>> ClusterDumper will help in getting all vectors belonging to a cluster,
>> but it did not help me a lot.
>> I used KMeansDriver which I think is easy enough to use.
>> After execution the records are written in the form
>> <cluster id><vector>
>> "context.write(new Text(cluster.getIdentifier()), cluster);"
>> So, what helped me was to process this into a map with cluster Id as the
>> key and vector list as the value. I read the clustered points and all
>> the data in the map in the form. In the end, the list against each
>> cluster id was what I needed.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Regards,
>> Paritosh
>> On 03-11-2011 14:23, WangRamon wrote:
>>> Hi All I'm using KMeansClusterer, I will use KMeansDriver on a Hadoop environment
later, but I think it will be easy to understand it by using KMeansClusterer, OK, so the question
is i cannot find a way to find the cluster a point should belong to after running KMeansClusterer,
I expect I can get some API on the Cluster interface to get all points/vector belong to this
cluster, but... so did i miss something? Thanks a lot.  Cheers Ramon  		 	   		  
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Grant Ingersoll

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