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From Eugen Stan <>
Subject Re: How to find which point belongs which cluster after running KMeansClusterer
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:26:03 GMT
Pe 03.11.2011 10:53, WangRamon a scris:
> Hi All I'm using KMeansClusterer, I will use KMeansDriver on a Hadoop environment later,
but I think it will be easy to understand it by using KMeansClusterer, OK, so the question
is i cannot find a way to find the cluster a point should belong to after running KMeansClusterer,
I expect I can get some API on the Cluster interface to get all points/vector belong to this
cluster, but... so did i miss something? Thanks a lot.  Cheers Ramon  		 	   		

You can find your answer in the clusterDumper utility. Check the code at
[1]. I have modified printCluster method to suppress some info and print
the cluster points with something like:

 String clusterInfo = String.format("Cluster %d (%d) with %d points.\n",
value.getId(), clusterCount, value.getNumPoints());

List<WeightedVectorWritable> points = clusterIdToPoints.get(value.getId());
                if (points != null) {
                    writer.write("\tCluster points:\n\t");
                    for (Iterator<WeightedVectorWritable> iterator =
points.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) {
                        WeightedVectorWritable point =;
                        writer.write(": ");

                        if (point.getVector() instanceof NamedVector) {
point.getVector()).getName() + " ");



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