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From Paritosh Ranjan <>
Subject Re: kmeans not returning k clusters
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 13:15:16 GMT
I looked at the 0.6 version's code but was not able to find any reason.
If possible, can you share the data you are trying to cluster along with 
the execution parameters?

You can also open a Jira for this and provide the info there.

On 07-05-2012 19:45, Pat Ferrel wrote:
> 0.6
> I take it this is not expected behavior? I could be doing something 
> stupid. I only look in the "final" directory. Looking in the others 
> with clusterdump shows the same number of clusters and I assumed they 
> were iterations.
> On 5/7/12 1:21 AM, Paritosh Ranjan wrote:
>> Which version are you using ? 0.6 or the current 0.7-snapshot?
>> On 07-05-2012 02:19, Pat Ferrel wrote:
>>> What would cause kmeans to not return k clusters? As I tweak 
>>> parameters I get different numbers of clusters but it's usually less 
>>> than the k I pass in. Since I am not using canopies at present I 
>>> would expect k to always be honored but the quality of the clusters 
>>> would depend on the convergence amount and number of iterations 
>>> allowed. No?

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