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From Dominik Lahmann <>
Subject how to deal with mutiple preference values for same (user, item)-pair
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 12:14:23 GMT

I would like to know how I can deal with multiple preference values
for the same (user, item)-pair from a machine learning perspective?
That means, I have got more than one rating from a user u for an item i
Of course using any kind of average (maybe also taking date information
into account, e.g. by using a weighted/exponential moving average)
would be possible.

I am interested in if any more sophisticated methods are used.

Probably it would already be very helpful to know which term to
look/search for or have some papers on that topic.

As far a I noticed Mahout would always just take the newest preference
value. Is that correct?

Thanks a lot,

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