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From Salman Mahmood <>
Subject Re: Using mahout for classifying tweets
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2012 13:41:01 GMT
Buy the book "mahout in action". It gives u an in-depth knowledge of
how classification is done in mahout. I dont know any tutorial links
but you can start with downloading the source code and examining the
example code for classification. But I really recommend the book since
you are a new user.

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On 1 Sep 2012, at 13:03, Paritosh Ranjan <> wrote:

> Even I am a novice at Mahout Classification, still I will try to give it
> a shot in hope that someone will correct me or improve the answer.
> First thing, the text data ( tweets ) would need conversion into
> Vectors. In Mahout terms, this is known as vector encoding. This can be
> done into three ways (one Vector cell
> per word, category, or continuous value, Represent Vectors implicitly as
> bags of words, or feature hashing).
> Look for ContinuousValueEncoder, AdaptiveWordValueEncoder,
> StaticWordValueEncoder and FeatureVectorEncoder classes or seqdirectory,
> seq2encoded commands.
> Then you can use OnlineLogisticRegression, CrossFoldLearner and
> AdaptiveLogisticRegression classes or trainnb, testnb, trainlogistic,
> runlogistic, trainAdaptiveLogistic, validateAdaptiveLogistic,
> runAdaptiveLogistic commands for configuring classification algorithms.
> HTH,
> Paritosh
> On 01-09-2012 15:24, Siddharth Tiwari wrote:
>> Hi Users,
>> I am novice at using Mahout. Can anybody guide me at how can I use Mahout for classifying
text into differen classes. In my case its 5 classes and the text is tweets. I mean if there
is any tutorial on how to create training model for mahout and how to use it for training
and then how we give the dataset for classification ( how we make it compatible for mahout
), then after the classification how to infer the output etc.
>> I am sorry if my questions seem dumb, but its only because I have very little knowledge
about mahout and I am trying to get grip on it. Thank you so much
>> *------------------------*
>> Cheers !!!
>> Siddharth Tiwari
>> Have a refreshing day !!!
>> "Every duty is holy, and devotion to duty is the highest form of worship of God.”
>> "Maybe other people will try to limit me but I don't limit myself"

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