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From "Don.Tan" <>
Subject How to use kmeans clustering algorithm of Mahout
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 06:13:52 GMT

    I am new to hadoop and mahout, but I have set up the hadoop cluster.

    I am working on a clustering task lately. I think I could not make 
it quickly because I don't know too much about how to deal with massive 
data ( my data contains 1400000 user and 50000 that is 
sparse ).

    Could you tell me how deal with that? A slice of data is here:


     example above contains 4 user's data and each number is nominal 
(denoting that is a kind of behavior of user, e.s, user 2 has 
"98660","158620","33900" )

     Please tell me how to work on that or which documents should I read..


    Don Tan

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