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From Chris Harrington <>
Subject Re: Fuzyy Clustering accumulates lots of memory
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 16:40:54 GMT
Don't know if this will help with your heap issues (or if you've already tried it) but increasing
the in the mapred-site.xml resolved some heap issues I was having.
I was clustering 67000 small text docs into ~180 clusters and was seeing mapper heap issues
until I made this change. 


Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I think the mapper gets kicked off as a child (i.e.
in it's own jvm) which is why increasing hadoop's heap size doesn't do anything but increasing
the might help.

Once again correct me if I'm wrong but the cause may be due to hadoop's block size of 64mb
so even a small file takes up more this amount of space or something like that I couldn't
quite wrap my head around some of the stuff I read on the topic.

On 28 Mar 2013, at 16:26, Sebastian Briesemeister wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have a large dataset consisting of ~50,000 documents and a dimension
> of 90,000. I splitted the created input vectors in smaller files to run
> a single mapper task on each of the files.
> However, even with very small files containing only 50 documents, I run
> into heap space problems.
> I tried to debug the problem and started the FuzzyKMeansDriver in local
> mode in my IDE. Interestingly, it is already the first mapper task that
> accumulates very quickly more than 4GB.
> In class CIMapper the method map(..) gets called by class Mapper for
> each input vector of the input split file. Either Mapper or CIMapper is
> responsible for the memory consumption, but I could not see where and
> why it could accumulate memory since no additional data is saved during
> the mapping process.
> I thought maybe the SoftCluster objects require that much, but since
> each of them contains 4 dense vectors of double (8 byte) of size 90,000
> and I have 500 clusters, they only sum up to 1,34 where are the
> missing GBs?
> Does anyone has an explanation for this behaviour or has experience with
> memory problems on large scale clustering?
> Thanks in advance
> Sebastian

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