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From Colum Foley <>
Subject KMeans Results: Finding Cluster Members
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 18:33:18 GMT

I have a simple enough question: having run K-Means clustering
(generated the clustered points, and clusters-x, clusters-x-final
directories), how do you identify which items were clustered together?
Apologies if this is trivial but I could not see an obvious answer in
the documentation.

Clusterdump seems to be the tool to use, but when I have run it I only
see Cluster ids,centroid values, radius etc, but it is not obvious to
me how I resolve individual item names? I am looking for something of
the following form:

cluster_id = (keys)*

for example:

cluster_1 = {"user104x","user89dc","user22da".}
cluster_2 = {"user19c","user11c",....}


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