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From Sean Owen <>
Subject Re: Database connection pooling for a recommendation engine
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 11:47:40 GMT
Not sure, is this really related to Mahout?

I don't know of an equivalent of J2EE / Tomcat for C++, but there must
be something.

As a general principle, you will have to load your data into memory if
you want to perform the computations on the fly in real time. So how
you access the data isn't so important, just because you will be
reading it all at once.

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 12:44 PM, Mike W. <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am considering to implement a recommendation engine for a small size
> website. The website will employ LAMP stack, and for some reasons the
> recommendation engine must be written in C++. It consists of an On-line
> Component and Off-line Component, both need to connect to MySQL. The
> difference is that On-line Component will need a connection pool, whereas
> several persistent connections or even connect as required would be
> sufficient for the Off-line Component, since it does not require real time
> performance in a concurrent requests scenario as in On-line Component.
> On-line Component is to be wrapped as a web service via Apache AXIS2. The
> PHP frontend app on Apache http server retrieves recommendation data from
> this web service module.
> There are two DB connection options for On-line Component I can think of:
> 1. Use ODBC connection pool, I think unixODBC might be a candidate. 2. Use
> connection pool APIs that come as a part of Apache HTTP server. mod_dbd
> would be a choice.
> As for Off-line Component, a simple DB connection option is direct
> connection using ODBC.
> Due to lack of web app design experience, I have the following questions:
> Option 1 for On-line Component is a tightly coupled design without taking
> advantage of pooling APIs in Apache HTTP server. But if I choose Option 2
> (3-tiered architecture), as a standalone component apart from Apache HTTP
> server, how to use its connection pool APIs?
> A Java application can be deployed as a WAR file and contained in a servlet
> container such as tomcat(See Mahout in Action, section 5.5), or it can
> use
> (
> Is there any similar approach for my C++ recommendation engine?
> I am not sure if I made a proper prototype. Any suggestions will be
> appreciated:)
> Thanks,
> Mike

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