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From Henry Lee <>
Subject Questions about LDA CVB TopicModel class usage for inferring new docs to topics.
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2013 07:46:50 GMT
I like to build an app where I build an LDA model offline periodically by
Amazon EMR/Hadoop, and I make a document/topic inference for a new document

I read a post/a reply about using LDA CVB model to match a new doc to topics

I have some questions about using LDA CVB TopicModel class which isn't well

Q: how many iterations are good? and why?
Q: do we get model mutated by training w/ new doc? why?
Q: what is inferred in this program? how to use that infer() method?

and Q: Has anyone seen good example usages/sample code of doing this kind
of task?

Henry Lee.
See my code below:

@Testpublic void testOfJakeMannixIdeaAndQuestions() { //
    val conf = new Configuration();
    val dictionary = readDictionary(new Path("/tmp/dictionary.file-0"), conf);
    assertThat(dictionary.length, equalTo(41807));

    // tfidf_vector represents a document in RandomAccessSparseVector.
    val tfidf_vector = readTFVectorsInRange(new
Path("/tmp/tfidf-vectors"), conf, 0, 1)[0].getSecond();
    assertThat(tfidf_vector.size(), equalTo(41807));

    // reads 'model' dense matrix (20 x 41K), and in 'topicSum' dense vector.
    TopicModel model = readModel(dictionary, new
Path("/tmp/reuters-lda-model-splits"), conf);
    assertThat(model.getNumTopics(), equalTo(20));
    assertThat(model.getNumTerms(), equalTo(41807));

    val doc = tfidf_vector;
    Vector docTopics = new DenseVector(new
    Matrix docTopicModel = new SparseRowMatrix(model.getNumTopics(),

    // Q: How many iterations are good? Why?
    for (int i = 0; i < 100 /* maxItrs */; i++) {
        model.trainDocTopicModel(doc, docTopics, docTopicModel);
        // Q: Do you think that 'model' got mutated, or not? why?

    Vector inferred = model.infer(doc, docTopics);
    System.out.println(inferred); // Q: What is this inferred? How can
I use it?}
@SneakyThrows({ IOException.class })private static Pair<String,
Vector>[] readTFVectorsInRange(Path path, Configuration conf, int
offset, int length) {
    val seq = new SequenceFile.Reader(FileSystem.get(conf), path, conf);
    val documentName = new Text();
    Pair<String, Vector>[] vectors = new Pair[length];
    VectorWritable vector = new VectorWritable();
    for (int i = 0; i < offset + length &&,
vector); i++) {
        if (i >= offset) {
            vectors[i - offset] = Pair.of(documentName.toString(),
    return vectors;}
@SneakyThrows({ IOException.class })private static TopicModel
readModel(String[] dictionary, Path path, Configuration conf) {
    double alpha = 0.0001; // default: doc-topic smoothing
    double eta = 0.0001; // default: term-topic smoothing
    double modelWeight = 1f;
    return new TopicModel(conf, eta, alpha, dictionary, 1,
modelWeight, listModelPath(path, conf));}
@SneakyThrows({ IOException.class })private static Path[]
listModelPath(Path path, Configuration conf) {
    if (FileSystem.get(conf).isFile(path)) {
        return new Path[] { path };
    } else {
        val statuses = FileSystem.get(conf).listStatus(path,
        val modelPaths = new Path[statuses.length];
        for (int i = 0; i < statuses.length; i++) {
            modelPaths[i] = new Path(statuses[i].getPath().toUri().toString());
        return modelPaths;
@SneakyThrows({ IOException.class })private static String[]
readDictionary(Path path, Configuration conf) {
    val term = new Text();
    val id = new IntWritable();
    val reader = new SequenceFile.Reader(FileSystem.get(conf), path, conf);
    val termIds = ImmutableList.<Pair<String, Integer>>builder();
    int maxId = 0;
    while (, id)) {
        termIds.add(Pair.of(term.toString(), id.get()));
        maxId = max(maxId, id.get());
    String[] terms = new String[maxId + 1];
    for (val termId : {
        terms[termId.getSecond().intValue()] = termId.getFirst().toString();
    return terms;}

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