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From <>
Subject RE: Naive bayes and character n-grams
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2013 06:59:39 GMT
Hey Dean,

what do you mean by character n-grams? If you mean things like "&ab" or "ui2" then given
that there are so few characters compared to words is there a problem that can't be solved
without a look-up table for n<y (where y <4ish )

Or are you looking at y >4 ish because if so then do you run into the issue of a sudden
space explosion?


Dr. Simon Thompson

From: Dean Jones []
Sent: 09 October 2013 11:18
Subject: Naive bayes and character n-grams

Hello folks,

I see that it's possible to use mahout to train a naive bayes
classifier using n-grams as features (or I guess, strictly speaking,
mahout can be used to generate sequence files containing n-grams; I
suspect the naive bayes trainer is indifferent to the form of features
it trains on). Is there any facility to generate character n-grams
instead of word n-grams?



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