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From Terry Blankers <>
Subject clusterdump - structure of JSON output
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2014 20:45:08 GMT
Hi all, I'm working on some automated analysis of the clusterdump output 
using '-of = JSON'. While digging into the structure of the 
representation of the data I've noticed something that seems a little 
odd to me.

In order to access the data for a particular cluster, the 'cluster', 
'n', 'c' & 'r' values are all in one continuous string. For example:

{"cluster":"VL-10515{n=5924 c=[action:0.023, adherence:0.223, 
administration:0.011 r=[action:0.446, adherence:1.501, 

This is also the case for the "point":

{"point":"013FFD34580BA31AECE5D75DE65478B3D691D138 = [body:6.904, 

This leads me to believe that the only way I can get to the individual 
data in these items is by string parsing. For JSON deserialization I 
would have expected to see something along the lines of:



     "point": {
         "body": 6.904,
         "harm": 10.101
     "vector_name": "013FFD34580BA31AECE5D75DE65478B3D691D138",
     "weight": 1.0

Please forgive the naive question if I'm missing something obvious, but 
can anybody explain the rationale for the current structure of the JSON? 
Is there another efficient way to access the items in question using 
JSON without using custom string parsing logic? Or would it make sense 
to modify the json output from clusterdump?



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