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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: Future of Frequent Pattern Mining
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2014 06:47:03 GMT
Hi Sebastian

Thanks for your reply. I agree that makes sense.

I am not familiar enough with the codebase of Mahout, but generally
speaking it might make sense to "modularize" it somehow, such that
algorithms like the fpgrowth code could be downloaded separately
independent of the core codebase.



Am 28.04.14 08:32, schrieb Sebastian Schelter:
> Hi Michael,
> the problem is that currently nodoby is maintaining the fpgrowth code
> anymore or working on documentation for it, that's why we consider it
> to be a candidate for removal. I don't see much value in keeping
> algorithms in the codebase if nobody is maintaining them, answering
> questions and providing documentation. If someone opposes here who has
> that code in production, that could be a reason to retain it however.
> People wanting to use the code in the future can always download
> Mahout 0.9 which has the current implementation.
> --sebastian
> On 04/28/2014 08:23 AM, Michael Wechner wrote:
>> what is the alternative and if one would still want to use the "frequent
>> pattern mining code" in the future, how
>> would this be possible otherwise?
>> Thanks
>> Michael
>> Am 28.04.14 08:19, schrieb Sebastian Schelter:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm resending this mail to also include the users list. To wrap up: We
>>> currently have a discussion whether our frequent pattern mining
>>> package should stay in the codebase. The original author suggested to
>>> remove the original implementation and maybe retain the FPGrowth2
>>> implementation.
>>> I'd like to ask our users here on their opionion, is anybody opposed
>>> to removing the frequent pattern mining code from Mahout? Please shout
>>> out.
>>> --sebastian

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