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From Pat Ferrel <>
Subject Upgrade to Spark 1.1.0?
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2014 17:49:03 GMT
Several people have experienced problems using Spark 1.0.2 with Mahout so I tried it. Spark
1.0.1 is no longer a recommended version and so is a little harder to get and people seem
to be using newer versions. I discovered that Mahout compiles with 1.0.2 in the pom and executes
the tests but fails a simple test on a cluster. It has an anonymous function name error, which
causes a class not found. This looks like a Scala thing but not sure. At first blush this
means we can’t upgrade to Spark 1.0.2 without some relative deep diving so I’m giving
up on it for now and trying Spark 1.1.0, the current stable version that actually had an RC
cycle. It uses the same version of Scala as 1.0.1 

On Spark 1.1.0 Mahout builds and runs test fine but on a cluster I get a class not found for
a random number generator used in mahout common. I think it’s because it is never packaged
as a dependency in a “job” jar assembly so tried adding it to the spark pom. Not sure
if this is the right way to solve this so if anyone has a better idea please speak up.

Getting off the dubious Spark 1.0.1 version is turning out to be a bit of work. Does anyone
object to upgrading our Spark dependency? I’m not sure if Mahout built for Spark 1.1.0 will
run on 1.0.1 so it may mean upgrading your Spark cluster.   
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