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From Alessandro Negro <>
Subject Re: mahout random forest output with data id?
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2015 16:22:40 GMT
Hi Xuan,
I had a similar issue in the past, to fix it I changed the code in the example java recompile
and run it.
I think that this could be the best solution also for you. If so I can try to find the piece
of code I changed.


Il giorno 08/lug/2015, alle ore 17:54, TheGeorge1918 . <> ha

> Hi all
> I'm new to Mahout. I use random forest to do classification by using the
> jar file. After I do prediction, I get a list of predicted labels for my
> testing data. The question is
> Is it possible to have data id along with the predicted labels?
> When I prepared the data, I included the data id in the training/testing
> data. And I specified this field to be ignored when describing the data. I
> expected that in the output file, I would see this data id since it's not
> used in the training or prediction.
> If it's not possible to include data id in the prediction output, is there
> any common routine to handle this. Since the testing data I have is quite
> big, around 20GB. For me, there isn't any obvious way to pair the data id
> and the predicted label.
> I've already searched online. But unfortunately, I couldn't find anything
> useful.
> Thanks a lot
> Best
> Xuan

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