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From "Hegner, Travis" <>
Subject RowSimilarity API -- illegal argument exception from org.apache.mahout.math.stats.LogLikelihood.logLikelihoodRatio()
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2015 14:25:15 GMT
Hello list,

I am having some trouble getting a SimilarityAnalysis.rowSimilarityIDS() job to run. First
some info on my environment:

I'm running hadoop with cloudera 5.4.2 with their built in spark on yarn setup it's pretty
much an OOTB setup, but it has been upgraded many times since probably CDH4.8 or so. It's
running spark 1.3.0 (perhaps some 1.3.1 commits merged in from what I've read about cloudera's
versioning). I have my own fork of mahout which is currently just a mirror of ''.
I'm very comfortable making changes, compiling, and using my version of the library should
your suggestions lead me in that direction. I am still pretty new to scala, so I have a hard
time wrapping my head around what some of the syntactic sugars actually do, but I'm getting

I'm successfully getting my data transformed to an RDD that essentially looks like (<document_id>,
<tag>), creating an IndexedDataSet with that, and feeding that into SimilarityAnalysis.rowSimilarityIDS().
I've been able to narrow the issue down to a specific case:

Let's say I have the following records (among others) in my RDD:

(doc1, tag1)
(doc2, tag1)

doc1, and doc2 have no other tags, but tag1 may exist on many other documents. The rest of
my dataset has many other doc/tag combinations, but I've narrowed down the issue to seemingly
only occur in this case. I've been able to trace down that the java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
is occuring because k21 is < 0 (i.e. "numInteractionsWithB = 0" and "numInteractionsWithAandB
= 1") when calling LogLikelihood.logLikelihoodRatio() from SimilarityAnalysis.logLikelihoodRatio().

Speculating a bit, I see that in SimilarityAnalysys.rowSimilarity() on the line (163 in my

val bcastInteractionsPerItemA = drmBroadcast(drmA.numNonZeroElementsPerRow) IDE (intellij) complains that it cannot resolve "drmA.numNonZeroElementsPerRow", however
the library compiles successfully. Tracing the codepath shows that if that value is not being
correctly populated, it would have a direct impact on the values used in logLikelihoodRatio().
That said, it seems to only fail in this very particular case.

I should note that I can run SimilarityAnalysis.cooccurrencesIDSs() successfully with a single
list of (<user_id>, <item_id>) pairs of my own data.

I have 3 questions given this scenario:

First, am I using the proper branch of code for attempting to run on a spark 1.3 cluster?
I've read about a "joint effort" for spark 1.3, and this was the only branch I could find
for it.

Second, Is anyone able to shed some light on the above error? Is drmA not a correct type,
or does that method no longer apply to that type?

Third, what would be the mathematical implications if I run SimilarityAnalysis.cooccurrencesIDSs()
with a list of (<tag>,<document_id>) pairs. Would the results be sound, or does
that make absolutely no sense? Would it be beneficial even as only a troubleshooting step?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!

Travis Hegner


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