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From Weiqing Jin <>
Subject Mahout item based recommender help documentation
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2015 00:22:54 GMT
Hi, I am new to Mahout. I am using Mahout on Cloudera CDH5.3. I believe it has version 0.9.Wondering
how can I get help documentation. Specifically I am trying to use item based recommender algorithm(as
below). I downloaded the Mahout 0.9 distribution files, but not able to find help specifically on
below function, such as what does parameter mean for --numRecommendations etc.Am I missing
some step here? Thanks. 
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recommenditembased [--input <input> --output <output> --numRecommendations <numRecommendations>  
--usersFile <usersFile> --itemsFile <itemsFile> --filterFile <filterFile>      
--booleanData <booleanData> --maxPrefsPerUser <maxPrefsPerUser>                
--minPrefsPerUser <minPrefsPerUser> --maxSimilaritiesPerItem                   
<maxSimilaritiesPerItem> --maxPrefsInItemSimilarity <maxPrefsInItemSimilarity> 
--similarityClassname <similarityClassname> --threshold <threshold>            
--outputPathForSimilarityMatrix <outputPathForSimilarityMatrix> --randomSeed    <randomSeed>
--sequencefileOutput --help --tempDir <tempDir> --startPhase       <startPhase>
--endPhase <endPhase>]                                            
--similarityClassname (-s) similarityClassname    Name of distributed          
measures class to                                                    instantiate,
alternatively                                                      use
one of the predefined                                                       similarities                 
T, SIMILARITY_CITY_BLOCK,                                                       SIMILARITY_COSINE,           
,                                                                               SIMILARITY_EUCLIDEAN_DISTANCE]
)       Eric Jin Retail Service Decision Management 224-222-2590   

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