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From Florian Iragne <>
Subject Using SVD recommender and PlusAnonymousConcurrentUserDataModel
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2016 08:06:24 GMT

i'm trying to make a recommendation system that recommends items from an 
input list of items (and a referent dataset, obviously).

To this end, i'm trying use SDVRecommender and 
PlusAnonymousConcurrentUserDataModel. I've already set up the 
recommendation system for known users with SVD, and it works.

However, if i try to use PlusAnonymousConcurrentUserDataModel, i 
constantly get a NoSuchUserException: -9223372036854775808

I've managed to use a recommender based on Pearson correlation, but i 'd 
prefer to use SVD.

So, i wonder if it is just possible to use anonymous users and SVD 
recommender in Mahout.

Thanks for your answers


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