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From Isabel Drost-Fromm <>
Subject Re: Marketing
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2017 23:14:55 GMT
One more thing: what was really helpful in spreading the word in the early days was collecting
real user stories: who achieved what with Mahout. Could be helpful for the new multi backend
version as well. Imagine quotes like "we've successfully used Mahout on $insertBackendHere
to solve $insertSuperDuperCoolUsecaseHere in no time" says $name, CTO of $hotNewStartup in
an article about the project.

Warning: this is tedious work, involves monitoring Twitter, having a Google alert for the
name and talking to any number of people over long periods of time to nudge them go public
with their potentially confidential story.

Am 30. März 2017 01:03:31 MESZ schrieb Isabel Drost-Fromm <>:
>That is an awesome second interpretation.
>Having voted on the original name I'm 100% biased so take my opinion
>with a huge grain of salt: on the one hand I think name changes are
>over rated (anyone remember ethereal?), on the other hand IMHO Mahout
>is a fairly strong brand representing machine learning at scale.
>Maybe a combination of any of a new logo, design, documentation,
>release that drops the zero in "0.x.y", a press release for that
>release that Sally can help you with, a new front page that publishes
>the new focus of development, maybe a few snippets on that shift in
>focus that editors can use, dropping deprecated code would already go a
>long way... Just some random ideas.
>Am 25. März 2017 03:21:50 MEZ schrieb Ted Dunning
>>On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 8:27 AM, Pat Ferrel <>
>>> maybe we should drop the name Mahout altogether.
>>I have been told that there is a cool secondary interpretation of
>>Mahout as
>>I think that the Hebrew word is pronounced roughly like Mahout.
>>The cool thing is that this word means "essence" or possibly "truth".
>>regardless of the guy riding the elephant, Mahout still has something
>>to be
>>said for it.
>>(I have no Hebrew, btw)
>>(real speakers may want to comment here)
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