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From <>
Subject RE: authority service and user id mapping
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2010 10:21:21 GMT
Hi Nadia,

The user name mapping is the job of the individual authority.  So, for example, the Documentum
authority would be responsible for any user name mapping that would need to be done prior
to looking up the tokens for that user within Documentum, and the LiveLink authority needs
to do something similar for mapping to LiveLink user names.

It turns out that most enterprises that have coexisting repositories of disparate kinds make
an effort to keep their user name spaces consistent across these repositories.  Otherwise,
enterprise-wide single signon would be impossible.  In the cases where the convention for
mapping is ad-hoc (e.g. LiveLink), the authority connectors included with LCF were built with
a simple regular-expression-based mapping feature, which you get to configure right in the
crawler ui as part of defining the authority connection.  (The online documentation doesn't
yet have documentation for any of these authorities - my apologies.  But you can look in the
LaTeX documentation that checked in with the source tree and maybe get an idea how it works
from there.)

Many repository companies also have added AD synchronization features as their products have
matured.  Documentum is one such repository, where the repository software establishes a feature
for operating with AD.  For those repositories, we did not add a mapping function, because
it would typically be unnecessary if the repository integrator followed the recommended best
practices for deploying that repository.

Hope that helps.

From: ext Nadia Akkari []
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2010 5:33 AM
Subject: authority service and user id mapping


I have a question regarding how multiple identifiers for a given user is handled in the authority

Let say that I want to get the access tokens for the user John Smith against all the authority
connectors defined in LCF.

Let say that John is known as john.smith in AD, known as j.smith in document and so on.

If I'm not wrong, the only parameter used to identify a user in the authority service is "username".

I'm wondering how user id reconciliation is performed inside the authority service in that
case? Is there something done about that or is it a work that should be performed externally?



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