I configured a AD authority (state says "Connection working"), used this one to create a repository connection. This connection is used in my job, output connector is Solr.
When I run this job, no files are indexed. When I connect to this remote location (in Win Explorer connect to remote network drive) and then execute this job, all works fine as the source is connected locally then.

When debugging the project in Eclipse it seems that in the FileConnector.getDocumentVersions the thread skips the first "if" (file.exists()==false).
When using a job running on the local file-system or the same job after mapping the network drive, everything works fine here.

Hope this information helps.


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I’m a little confused, since the authority is related to the crawl job only indirectly (via the associated repository connector) and is not actually called during crawling.  Can you supply some more information?







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I'm trying to crawl some remote data using an active directory authority connector.
When debugging the crawling process it seems that there is no AD connection established.
Are there some parts missing in the coding or did I miss sth?



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