"Lucene Connectors Framework" has officially become "Apache Connectors Framework".  This change to top-level project status has also involved package and class changes, since it was deemed best to make these changes up front rather than deal with them in perpetuity, especially since we are only now converging on the first official release.

Practically, this will mean that upgrading any LCF installation to the current trunk codebase will require the following:

- Removal and reregistration of the CrawlerAgent, since the agent class package has changed
- Deregistration and reregistration of all connectors, since the connector class packages have changed
- Changes to urls that access the crawler ui, authority service, and api, since the web applications now begin with "acf-" rather than "lcf-"

Or, if it's easy for you, you can instead choose to reinitialize your database from scratch.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that your transition is straightforward.  Please feel free to post what works and what doesn't to this list.