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From "Fred Schmitt" <>
Subject Re: Problems while indexing Jira/ and an other problem
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 08:21:16 GMT

thanks for the quick answer. 
I have tested your suggestion and started at the page http://..../jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa
and wrote a logging sequence. 
Here is a extract of my Access Credentials of my web Connector.

URL regular expression
Login Pages
Login URL regular expression      Page type           Form name/link target regular expression
      Override form parameters
                                                      link                          http://.../jira/login.jsp
 http://.../jira/login.jsp                   form                                        
                                               Parameter regular expression      Value   

I am logged in and can browse through all issues but when I fetch an index an issue, for example
"http://.../jira/browse/project-5", I get the message that I am not logged in anymore. It
works when I write a login sequence for this project, but only for the specified one and it's
issues. That means that I have to write a login sequence for each project.  
How could i solve this problem and log in for all pages without writing many login sequences?
I have already tried to write a login sequence which included "http://.../jira/browse/*" or
 "http://.../jira/browse/", but both haven't worked.

best Regards,

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Von: "Karl Wright" <>
Gesendet: 20.10.2010 13:11:23
Betreff: Re: Problems while indexing Jira/ and an other problem

>I think you should open a JIRA ticket for the Windows Share connector.
> It sounds like the javascript for handling the insert link might be
>broken in the UI.
>As for the web session login, the MCF crawler of course handles
>cookies - that is a major piece of session authentication.  The
>question is whether it is recording the cookie set that happens as a
>result of the login sequence.  What you want to be sure of is that all
>the parts of the login, including the final redirection back to the
>content page, are considered part of the login sequence.  You also
>want to be sure that you don't use as your seed URL the login page
>itself, because then there is no place to resume when the login is
>done.  Instead you want a seed which is the root or home page.  If
>login is mandatory, then presumably there would be a redirection that
>takes you to the login page.  That redirection should *also* be part
>of the login sequence.
>In short, the login sequence needs to cover every fetch that isn't
>actual indexable content.  The cookies that are set at the end of that
>sequence are what will be retained for all subsequent fetches from the
>protected area of the site that you specify with your url regular
>Hope this helps.
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