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From "Fred Schmitt" <>
Subject Problems while indexing Jira/ and an other problem
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2010 10:59:04 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to index a jira system and have some problems.

I am using a Web Connector and my Seed is the login page. It seems that the log in process
But when i fetch and index the next page, to which the login page redirects, I'm not logged
in any more. 
Here is a extract of my job history.

Start                Time                   Activity          Identifier                 
     Result Code    Bytes      Time      
10-12-2010     14:52:56.735     end logon     http://.../jira/login.jsp          OK      
          0         1     
10-12-2010     14:52:56.720     fetch             http://.../jira/login.jsp          302 
             0         16     
10-12-2010     14:52:56.704     begin logon  http://.../jira/login.jsp          OK       
         0         1     
10-12-2010     14:52:56.674     fetch             http://.../jira/login.jsp          200 
           5702     15     
10-12-2010     14:52:54.423     job start       1285328088067(jira)                    
           0         1

Jira login is based on Cookies but I haven't found a way to control cookies manual in MCF.

I have found out that MCF could supports cookies. 
So is it possible to control and set cookies or how could i manage that it stays logged in?

I have found out that Jira is also based on the Lucene core like Solr where mit Output Connection
is pointed at.
Jira has got an own index for its included search.
Do you know if it is possible to merge the indexes from Solr an Jira?

There is another problem I have while creating a job with the Window Share Connector. 
I selected the "Paths" window and created a new path.
After I added the path and when I click onto the "insert" button i get this Exeption on firebug:

"missing ; before statement http://localhost:8080/mcf-crawler-ui/execute.jsp Line 1"

best Regards,
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