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From "Frederik Scholz" <>
Subject Indexing Problems
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 10:21:39 GMT
Hi there,

I am having problems while tyring to index "Atlassian Jira" with MCF. Hope you can help me.

The first problem is that is does not crawl all the pages it should crawl. It simply stops
after a bit more than one third of the pages, but only for Jira.
I also crawled the WIKI of our company and had no problems whatsoever.
I used a filter I created in Jira as the seed. The filter contains all of the Jira issues
i wanted to index. My job also includes the Jira IssueNavigator
and the page with all of the projects. Is there something wrong with my approach or is it
a problem with Jira?

The other problem has to do with my login sequences. I wrote for all of the projects, the
IssueNavigator and the filter a login sequence, but it does not work
for certain projects. For these projects and all of their issues, it indexed the error warning
which gets created instead of the content of the page, if you are not logged in.
This should not be, because i have the rigths to view the projects and i created all of the
login sequences with copy/paste. The login sequences are practically identical
with the ones of the working projects. I also tried to delete and add a new login sequence
for each of the not working projects, but after re-ingesting all of the documents the
errors where still present.

my login seqeunces look like this:
URL regular expression:

Login pages:
Page Type : Link
form name/ link target regular expression:
Page Type : Form
Login URL regular expression:
form name/ link target regular expression: loginform
     parameter regular expression:
     os_username loginName
     os_password loginPassword

Anything wrong with that?

With Best Regards,

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