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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: Need Help on setting up ManifoldCF
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2012 15:12:44 GMT
Hi Anupam,

I did not see a ticket from you about the DOCUMENTUM environment
variable and the dmcl.ini vs. file.  I've created an
issue at to track
this problem.  It would be great if you could confirm that: (a) the
DOCUMENTUM environment variable is still needed at all by DFC, and (b)
that when it is set properly, the file can be found at
$DOCUMENTUM\ (on Windows, at least).


On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 3:23 PM, Karl Wright <> wrote:
> Hi Anupam,
> Please post emails like this directly to
>  See below for responses.
> On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 3:07 PM, Anupam Bhattacharya
> <> wrote:
>> Hello Karl,
>> I am a software programmer in DuPont, Gurgaon, India. Recently, due to the
>> economic instability all over the world the company has decided to go for
>> cheaper Search Engine Applications. Thus we are getting rid of many costly
>> proprietary Search Applications and will be replacing with FAST.
>> Although, I recently came across SOLR search engine & ManiFoldCF Connector
>> framework. Thus, I am currently driving this effort within my company as i
>> am a big supporter of open source technologies. I started my career in
>> Alfresco CMS and now working on Search Technologies.
>> Currently I am facing lots of initial building/deploying/installing issues.
>> I have already referred the url
>> Read it multiple times but still face many issues. I downloaded the latest
>> 0.4 version and it seems the documentation is not up to date on the above
>> link.
> The online documentation is pertinent to trunk.  The documentation you
> want to use is contained within the 0.4-incubating release.  Go to
> dist/doc and you will see it there.
>> Few issues which took me a long time to resolve which can be added in
>> ManifoldCF wiki as learnings for others are listed below:
>> a. No single example is given for running the executecommand.bat with proper
>> arguments. Only list of commands given with parameter defined.
> I'm not entirely sure I get this.  Do you just want an example in the
> documentation?
>> b. Setting where and which file for the property manifoldcf.configfile for deploying
the war on tomcat with Postgresql database.
> The documentation already tells you that you need to add an
> appropriate -D to your tomcat invocation to point to your
> properties.xml file.  Tomcat documentation differs from version to
> version and platform to platform on how best to do that, and if you
> run under Windows there's even a service wrapper with a configuration
> UI that allows you to set these parameters.  So it's way beyond
> ManifoldCF's mission to describe all that, I think.
>> c. I am trying to build the Documentum Connector but came to know that some
>> additional environment variables needs to be added for "DOCUMENTUM".
>> Additionally the latest version of documentum uses file while
>> run.bat look for dctl.ini file.
> Could you open a ticket in Jira for this issue?
> It should not be a problem if you
> modify the script temporarily, but we can readily make the script look
> for either of these.
>> d. postgresql driver is jdbc3 thus it creates problem with JVM6 or above.
> We use JDK 6 all the time without problems, so I don't know what you
> are talking about here.
>> e. I was getting errors during  the ant build which tries to delete jar
>> files from lib directory. Don't have the source code right now with me thus
>> cant provide the full path.
> It sounds like you were trying to run ant while you still had
> ManifoldCF processes running from the same tree.
>> f. It was advised in the documentation to set MCF_Home for
>> example_multiprocess project but it seems the build of documentum connector
>> refers to this property differently from run.bat.
> Yes, this was noticed and fixed on trunk recently.
>> Can you please update the Apache ManifoldCF website with the latest
>> installation procedures. Also, It will be very kind of you in the meanwhile
>> if you can send few notes for me to head start the configuration of
>> ManifoldCF, with SOLR & Documentum connector.
> The documentation online has been updated to be consistent with trunk,
> so if you want to use the trunk version this might be a good
> opportunity to help clarify the documentation.  Either that or you
> will need to stick with the 0.4-incubating release and the
> 0.4-incubating documentation that is part of it; we cannot at this
> time update documentation that has already been released.
> Thanks,
> Karl
>> Looking forward for your help.
>> Thanks & Regards
>> Anupam Bhattacharya

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