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From Swapna Vuppala <>
Subject Job crawling SharePoint repository does not end
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2012 09:26:43 GMT

Am trying to use SharePoint connector of ManifoldCF for the first time and
am having couple of issues. Can someone please help me in successfully
crawling these repositories ?

Am using ManifoldCF version 0.6 and I see that the SharePoint connector is
readily available for use. I have defined a Repository Connection of
SharePoint type for the URL "" and the
connection status shows "Connection working".

I have got a couple of documents in the libraries "Shared Documents" and
"Personal Documents" and am interested in indexing them into Solr. Now when
I try to define a job using the above created repository connection and a
Solr output connection, am able to add rules to include the libraries I
have got. When I start the job, the number listed in "Documents" column is
coming correctly, but the job never ends. It is always in the "Running"
state. I cannot see anything in "Simple History" except the "Job Start".

The manifoldcf log file shows something like *WARN 2012-09-04 14:39:05,204
(Worker thread '1') - Service interruption reported for job 1346736412103
connection 'Test SharePoint': Remote procedure exception: Request is empty.*

Can someone please tell me if am missing some steps or configuration of
something ??

Thanks and Regards,

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