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From Nigel Thomas <>
Subject Building ManifoldCF 0.6 with Oracle drivers
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2012 13:13:07 GMT

This is my first attempt at building ManifoldCF, the experience is a
little painful at present, I am trying to build a 0.6 from source with
Oracle drivers. I followed the instructions here

Initially I copied lib binaries from example/lib in
apache-manifoldcf-0.6 binary distribution. Am I overlaying the wrong
lib directory?

On my first attempt to build, the build failed (despite the build
successful message) with the stdout "Overlay -lib package, or run
'make-core-deps' target first", the build created dist directory and
empty directories for example etc. This is misleading, could the build
fail instead of passing?

I narrowed build failure down to missing fop.jar, I downloaded this
and reran the build this time it failed with

At this point I tried downloading jstl.jar and added this, reran build
which failed with the same message.

Instead of downloading each dependency individually, I tried
downloading dependencies by running make-core-deps, this failed on
download-xerces step, commented this out and re ran, this time it
failed on download-commons (svn patch is absent on version < 1.7),
commented this out and re-ran, this finally ran successfully.

Is there a easier way to build from source with all dependencies?


Nigel Thomas
Web Services Group
IT Services
t: 3808

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