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From Nigel Thomas <>
Subject Using Generic Database Repository Connection without supplying a valid URLCOLUMN
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2012 17:22:08 GMT

I am using the Generic Database Repository Connection to fetch some
metadata some a Oracle data source into a SOLR instance using
ManifoldCF 0.6.

Given my goal to just ingest metadata from SQL data source into SOLR
without the need to specify a document URL (URLCOLUMN) or data

While attempting to set this up, I found that when the URL field was
set to null or invalid url this failed the ingest completely (despite
having DATACOLUMN set to some string). If a valid URL was provided,
the ingest progressed, the supplied IDCOLUMN was not used, instead the
document URL was used as the default ID in SOLR (using solr 1.4).

To work around both these issues I had edited to connector code to
allow a invalid URL and set the URL to be equal that of IDCOLUMN.

My question is, am I using this connector of its intended purpose? I
guess the functionality I require is similar to that provided by
Solr's own data import handler, do they match
that of this connector?


Nigel Thomas

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