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From Anupam Bhattacharya <>
Subject Documentation needed to setup ManifoldCF trunk source code in Eclipse
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2012 15:11:00 GMT

*Can someone help me to describe the steps needed to set the ManifoldCF
Development environment in Eclipse.*

*I found some useful information in the FAQ page but it is now old enough.
Additionally due to license issues all lib are not bundled in the source

*Can any one list all the jars which needs to be present to build the
ManifoldCF. Even a screenshot will help to explan the way how manifoldcf
modules are build in eclipse.*

*Correction Needed: The SVN repository to checkout the source code has
changed but its not updated in the home page of manifoldcf. Pls. correct it

*Some useful configuration information present at**

*Q. How do you configure Eclipse to build the ManifoldCF project?*

*A.* Here are the steps using Eclipse 3.4:

   1. Install Subclipse for Eclipse 3.x, follow the steps from
   2. In Eclipse, switch to the "SVN Repository Exploring" perspective
   3. Add a new SVN repository using the URL
   4. Right click on the svn repo and select "Check Out"
      - May want to change the default name from truck to ManifoldCF, if
      you don't change the name Eclipse will ask for a project type, pick
   5. Wait for the source to extract
   6. Switch to Java Perspective and right click on the project that was
   added (referred to as MCF in the rest of the steps) and select "Properties"
   7. Select "Builders" and click New
   8. Select "Ant Builder" and click Ok
   9. Give your builder a name, like ManifoldCF Ant Builder
   10. In the "Buildfile" section, press the "Browse Workspace" button
   11. Select the MCF project, drill down to "modules" subfolder and select
   "build.xml" file then press Ok
   12. In the "Base Directory" section, press the "Browse Workspace" button
   13. Expand the MCF project and select "modules" then press Ok
   14. Note, you can further configure the different targets if you wish
   for a clean, regular, and auto build
   15. Press Ok in the "Edit launch configuration properties" to complete
   the Eclipse configuration
   16. Make sure you have the system variable JAVA_HOME pointing to your
   jdk, also you need the jdk bin directory listed in your path so java doc
   would work
   17. Now you can issue "Project/Build Project" and watch the console for
   the ant output

Thanks & Regards
Anupam Bhattacharya

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