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From Dishanker Raj <>
Subject How to crawl a Windows network share?
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2013 10:46:17 GMT
Hi all!

I have setup ManifoldCF v1.2 on a RHEL6 box running Tomcat v6.0.24 for crawling just one Windows
network share path. The fetched documents are to be fed into a Solr core.

The binary release of ManifoldCF is setup as a "simplied multi-process" instance similar to
what is described here in the documentation: .

Both connections work reported by the http://<reverse-proxy-to-tomcat-server>/mcf-crawler-ui/

What I am uncertain of is whether to only click "Start" on the crawler UI (list jobs), only
run the './' shell script, or do both?

Anyway the crawling of the remote Windows share and indexing of Solr never completes. The
tomcat/manifoldcf log files do not show obvious errors. 

Previously I had "permission denied" type error messages in the log file because user 'tomcat'
could not write to files in folder 'syncharea' after my user ran './' and './'.
This has been avoided by setting 'chmod -R 777' on the entire 'syncharea' directory for testing

I would greatly appreciate if someone has pointers to what I could do next to troubleshoot
all of the above.


Dishanker Raj
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