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From Matthew Sheppard <>
Subject Disabling login on ManifoldCF 1.3
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 08:10:57 GMT
I'd like to disable the new login for the ManifoldCF interface - Is this
possible, and if so how?

--- Background ----

I currently have a copy of ManifoldCF included along with another
application, and our setup arranges for our app server to authenticate
users before they reach the ManifoldCF interface (mcf-combined-service.war).

Since upgrading to 1.3 I see an additional login page (login.jsp) which
appears after our login process completes. It looks like this new login
page uses a username and password set via the and org.apache.manifoldcf.login.password
properties (

Since the double login and different username/password setup is likely to
be confusing to our users, and since the new ManifoldCF system does not
seem to allow us to use the same credentials as are used for the rest of
our system easily, I'd like to turn off the ManifoldCF login leaving only
our app server one.

Looking briefly around I can't see any setting to disable the new login,
but hopefully I'm missing something.
---- ----

Many thanks for any assistance anyone can provide,
Matt Sheppard

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