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From Ronny Heylen <>
Subject Manifoldcf is "slow"
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 21:34:28 GMT
A job is indexing all *.doc* from a shared windows network drive.
That makes 245113 documents.
The job has run last night.
This job has run again tonight and ended successfully in 2 hours and 20
But, from these 245113 documents only 30 were modified today.
How is it possible that 140 minutes were necessary to reindex them?
Is it because Manifoldcf recheck the permissions for all documents from the
Or something else?
Can we speed things up by using "Start minimal"? (What exactly does "start
minimal" mean is a little bit mysterious for us), in that case should we
use "start" once a week to be up to date?
Thanks for the help,

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