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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: RSS Connector additional attributes
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2013 10:04:32 GMT
Hi Benjamin,

Whether or not dc:creator is handled in the RSS connector is a totally
different issue from whether there's overlapping functionality in tabs.

Please feel free to open a ticket for dc:creator.  If you could also
research all the other variants of RSS (e.g. all the Atom specs and the RSS
2.0 spec) for the equivalent functionality and add that to the ticket too,
that would be great.

The overlapping tab functionality is there for backwards compatibility
reasons; the Forced Metadata feature was a later addition than the Solr
Metadata tab.  There's no point opening a ticket for this issue.


On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 3:56 AM, Benjamin Brandmeier <>wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> currently the RSS Connector doesn't support the tag dc:creator, which
> defines who has written the article.
> Item-Example:
> <item>
> [...]
> <pubDate>Sun, 13 Aug 2012 07:40:21 +0000</pubDate>
> <dc:creator>Full Name</dc:creator>
>  [...]
> <content:encoded>
> <![CDATA[
> <p>Some text</p>
>  ]]>
> </content:encoded>
> [...]
> </item>
> It would be great if the connector was capable of that.
> Maybe it <> would be an asset
> if tags could be defined even dynamically. As far as I understand, the
> design by now (metadata tab in job def), is only for assigning hard coded
> values to metadata names, but this functionality has been provided already
> by the solr-tab "forced metadata".
> Is one of these two things worth a ticket?
> Thanks,
> Benjamin

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