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From "Markus Schuch" <>
Subject SolrConnector - ouputSpecification String varies
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2013 22:38:47 GMT

i think there might be a bug in the SolrConnector regarding the generation of the output specification

During several recrawls i saw that many documents were refetched even if the version string
of the documents was unchanged.
I debugged into the WorkerThread and learned that the output connection also can trigger recrawling
by returning a version String with the getOutputSpecification Method.

The problem is that the SolrConnector somtimes delivers a different output specification string.
I configured a document length limit in the output connector which is packed into the output
specification string. Somtimes the specification String does not include the length limit
parameter and looks just like "0+0+".

I think the reason is that the getOutputSpecification method relies on member variables which
are filled when getSession() is called. But it is not garanteed that getSession() was called
when getOutputSpecification is invoked resulting in different states of the member variables.

Is this a known issue? (i use manifoldcf 1.1)


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