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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: Error 401 when using NTLM authentication in Java application using SharepointRepository
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2014 18:22:37 GMT
Hi Prahalad,

If you are trying to use a connector through straight java without the
framework involved, you are on your own.  This is not a model we support,
and there are many many things that can go wrong.  For example, you may be
formatting the parameters incorrectly.  Or, you may be neglecting to
specify the appropriate WSDD configuration reference when you call the
connector methods, and so you are using something other than Httpcomponents
HttpClient for the axis interaction.

In general, if you want to integrate with ManifoldCF on a java level, we
recommend that you use the REST API.


On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 2:15 PM, Prahalad Deshpande <>wrote:

> Hello Karl,
> Greetings of the day!!
> I am trying to connect to a Sharepoint 2010 server within a custom Java
> application by including the Sharepoint connector JARs within ManifoldCF.
> Here are the steps I use to connect to Sharepoint.
> 1. Create a configuration which is a Map<String, String> instance.
> Populate it with the configuration parameters such as user name, password,
> server name etc. More specifically, I set the AuthorityType to the string
> "Native".
> 2. Create an instance of the SharepointRepository class.
> 3. Call SharepointRepository.connect() by passing in the configuration
> created within step 1
> At step 3 I get a HTTP 401 error. This is somewhat weird, since the
> example Java web app that is provided along with the ManifoldCF libs
> connect successfully for the Authentication provider(Sharepoint/Native).
> Also, I have verified that I am able to login perfctly into Sharepoint
> using other browsers or cURL usng NTLM.
> I looked at a Wireshark trace diff between the working instance and
> failing instance of a run and am not able to find a reason for this error
> to occur.
> Can you point us to some possible debugging steps (for e.g. how to enable
> sharepoint connector wire debug logging within a custom application)? Also,
> any pointers towards using ManifoldCF within a custom Java application
> would be great.
> Thanks so much for your time!!
> --
> With warm regards
> Prahalad

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